Vern Laird

Q: When did you realize what you wanted to do and what is that, exactly?


I don't think I realized I wanted to be whatever it is that do until I realized I wasn't going to be a pro skater which was the first time I went to San Francisco in 1995 and saw the skill level of all the current pros. I knew that I loved skateboarding and wanted to be around it for the rest of my life so I had to figure out how to stay involved. I don't exactly have one title because I am a jack of all trades. Skateboard team manager, marketing manager, promotions manager, social media manager, brand manager and video maker for Bones Bearings. And when I'm not doing something or taking care of the 200 team riders for Bones Bearings, I'm traveling the world and working skateboard events contests either as the MC, DJ or Judge. 

Q: What is the greatest accomplishment of your life?


The greatest accomplishment of life is being in a position to help others. Be it through helping somebody with their career or even just giving somebody so free stuff. I like the joy I can bring to somebody's life.

Q: What or who motivates you the most?


What motivates me the most is myself. I just want to do the best job possible.

Q: Who or what are your biggest influences or heros?


My mom. She taught me the values of hard work at a young age and that's a life lesson that I could never forget.


Q: For what in your life do you feel most grateful?


I'm grateful for everything. I don't take one day or one thing for granted. I have done and seen more things in my life than I thought I would have ever done. #ThankYouSkateboarding

Q: What do you value most in a friendship?


Honesty. If say you are going to do something do it. I don't have time for liars, fakes and flakes.

Q: What one PRNCPL do you abide that is most important to you?


Treat others how you would like to be treated.

Q: What’s your favorite record of all time? 


It's hard to pick just one record since one of my jobs is playing records at skateboard events and contest. So pretty much anything by Stevie Wonder, KRS-One, Bad Brains, Sizzla and Coltrane would be my top choices.

Q: Fly, teleport or x-ray vision?


Teleport. I travel a lot and the worst part is either flying or driving somewhere. That would be a million times better than sitting on flight for 23 hours to South Africa or India. Those have been my longest flights so far.

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